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What do I need to use a computer?

You must have your own Escondido Public Library card to use our computers.  Find out how to get a card. 


How long may I use a computer?

You may use computers at the library for up to 120 minutes a day.

When you sign up for a computer reservation, you have a choice between using a one-hour computer or a 15-minute express computer.

Computers are available on a first-come, first served basis and there are times when computer users have to wait for their turn.

Read the library's Computer Use Policy.


Can I use the Internet?

Yes. Internet access is available on all library computers.  The Internet is filtered.  Please see our Internet Use Policy for more information.


What software is on library's computers?

Windows 7, Microsoft Office 2010 software, Internet Explorer, in addition to research databases and assorted children's and reference programs.


Can I print from the library's computers?

Yes. Black and white pages cost 15 cents each.  Color pages cost 75 cents each.


May I use my own laptop computer in the library?

Yes.  The library has free wireless Internet access and a lot of seating near electrical outlets for laptop users. Find out more about library wireless access.





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Technology Center

In addition to the computers and WiFi access at the Main Library, you will find 30 computers available for library card holders as well as WiFi and limited seating at our Technology Center.


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