13 Reasons Why

by Jay Asher

13 Reasons Why

Clay Jensen comes home to find a package addressed to him. In it, he finds casette tapes. When he plays the first one, he learns that they are recordings of Hannah Baker, a girl he had a crush on and who had recently committed suicide. Hannah states that there are 13 reasons why she decided to end her life and Clay is one of them.

13 Reasons Why is an excellent novel. It's a very disheartening story that conveys how much words and actions can affect people, no matter how seemingly insignificant and meaningless the actions may be. Jay Asher's novel, which is written exceptionally, is very haunting, somber, yet interesting and thought provoking.

I would definitely recommend 13 Reasons Why to teens. A myriad of kids these days suffer and witness bullying. Many would be able to relate with the adversities Hannah Baker faced. This story inspires people to act instead of be bystanders because doing nothing also has grave consequences. Although the story is very tragic, it leaves a positive impact on ones life.

CJ, 17


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