3D Printing Policy

Escondido Public Library 3D Printing Policy

Purpose: Escondido Public Library strives to offer community access to new and emerging technologies such as the 3D printer.

Policy: Escondido Public Library's 3D printer is available to the public to make three dimensional objects in plastic using a design that is uploaded from a digital computer file.

  1. The 3D printer may be used for lawful purposes only; requests for creating objects which fall into the following categories will be rejected:
  • Prohibited by local, state or federal law.
  • In violation of another's intellectual property rights; for example, materials that are subject to copyright, patent or trademark protection.
  • Unsafe, harmful, dangerous or that may pose an immediate threat to the well-being of others; for example: guns, knives or other weapons.
  • Obscene or otherwise inappropriate items for the library environment.
  • Print jobs violating the Library Code of Conduct will not be printed.
  1. Only library cardholders are able to make requests for the 3D printer.
  2. 3D print jobs must be limited in time to less than four hours and objects are printed in single filament color with the printer. Items printed from the 3D printer, that are not picked up within seven days of notification will become the property of the Escondido Public Library. Items must be picked up by the individual who requested the 3D printed object.


  1. It is the responsibility of the requesting patron to design their own creation and prepare it for printing in .stl file format.
  2. The design must be applicable for printing with PLA filament.
  3. Files submitted and pre-approved for printing will be readied for printing in Slic3r or other authorized software.
  4. When the review of the file has been completed, printing will be scheduled within a reasonable period of time. Same day printing is not assured. Escondido Public Library reserves the right to schedule only one print per week per person.
  5. Print times are estimates and cannot be guaranteed. Print jobs over four hours will be cancelled.
  6. Patrons may not request a new print in place of the original due to dissatisfaction with color, scale, quality, design, required support material, or other options pre-selected by the patron; exceptions include mechanical failure, objects failing to fully print, errors in the print process, or other factors not in a patron's control.
  7. Cleaning the raft and supports will be done by the requester. Small bumps or holes and rough edges on the object may occur.

Disclaimer: This Policy and Procedure may change at any time. While library staff makes every effort to oversee the use of the equipment in the printing of an object, the use of the printed object upon completion is not under the direction or control of the library staff. Escondido Public Library is not responsible for any object created with use of the 3D printer, including any harm or injury incurred as a result of any usage of the 3D printer or the object which is printed.