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Kingdom Hearts

by Shiro Amano

There are lots of comics for Kingdom Hearts. The main character is named Sora. His friends, Kairi and Riku were both kidnapped by a mysterious dark magic guy. There are no curse words, or inappropriate content in these books. This is Sora's coming-to-age story of friendship, OMG-moments and Disney characters!

I really liked these books, and it will leave you thirsting to order the second, third, fourth, and so on. You will meet Maleficent, Pete, Belle, Jasmine, Beast, Goofy, Donald, and new characters who live in Traverse Town, like Leon, Yuffie, and many more. When there is light, like Sora, there is darkness, like the Heartless(lol! It rhymes!)

YES! Totally! Anyone can read it! It's all ages, and anyone who loves Disney characters would enjoy this book with Mickey as king, and Minnie as queen. It isn't babyish, fellow teens, it's manga!

Priscilla, 12


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Kristy's Great Idea: The Baby-Sitters Club

by Raina Telgemeier based on the novel by Ann M. Martin

This book is about five girls: Claudia, Stacey, Marry Anne, Kristy, and Dawn. In the first book, Kristy decides to create a club in which they all could babysit. She invites Claudia, and Marry Anne to join. Claudia eventually invites Stacey into the club. This wonderful book reflects the ups-and-downs in relationships with friends and family.

I think this book is a very great book. It is great because there is no bad language, the pictures(this book series I'm talking about is a comic) are appropriate, and the characters are interesting.

I would hands-down recommend this series to others! The books tell the basics of friendships, morals, and this book series may give you a smile every so often. Anyone of any gender can read this magnificent book, but I think the story will most likely appeal to girls. Have fun reading it!

Priscilla, 12


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Strobe Edge

by Io Sakisaka

One day a girl named Ninako Kinoshita encounters Ren Ichinose, a popular classmate in her high school. She really falls for him despite Ren having a girlfriend already. Events unfold and throughout the manga Ninako and Ren are put into situations where they cannot deny their feelings for each other anymore.

I enjoyed it because it was a coming of age manga. It deals with a strong topic... love. This emotion creates drama for these high school kids because each character reacts differently. Also Ren Ichinose is a character that you, the reader, might even swoon over.

I would definitely recommend this series because it's a great coming of age manga. If you are into high school romantic manga, this is for you. Every volume will leave you wanting Ninako and Ren to overcome their obstacles and finally be together.

Johanna, 16


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Attack on Titan

by Hajime Isayama

Attack on TitanSet in a dystopian world thousands of years into the future, humans have been forced to hide within the walls of their cities to avoid being eaten by the gigantic, grotesque Titans. After a century of peace, humans are just beginning to get settled in their daily routines, until the fateful day when the Titans break a hole in the outermost wall. With thousands dead and their homes wrecked, the villagers are forced to escape within the second wall for safety; but one boy, Eren Yaeger, is determined to get his revenge.

Attack on Titan is one of the only manga series that I read nowadays, for the specific reason that it's thrilling and chock-full of both action and emotion. Isayama is famous for writing in symbols and metaphors, and he delivers each twist and turn
with remarkable skill. I could analyze the series for hours.

Anyone who isn't afraid of gruesome pictures or horror, and appreciates a fantastically complex plot, would fall head over heels for this series. The story is marvelously written and I recommend it highly to teens in high school and above.

Erica, 17


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Shugo Chara

by Peach Pit

Image result for shugo chara bookA young girl has many insecurities that she hides behind her cool and popular exterior. She soon sets out on a quest to show people who she really is. 

Shugo Chara is a great book for children who have insecurities because the characters deal with many types of problems that kids have today. 

The book is very relatable because Amu Hinamori is a very shy girl who wants to be more outgoing. I recommend it for people who are dealing with personal issues.

Brittany, 16


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by Peach-Pit

Image result for Shugo-Chara! volume 1 englishAmu is a girl who is slightly awkward with an automatically hostile personality, as well as a giant crush on the school's prince, Tadase. One night, she wishes to be reborn as her would-be self and awakens to three eggs on her bed. They hatch to reveal her Guardian Characters, who help her to become her ideal personality and push her into Tadase's world.

I read this series a while ago when I was still in middle school. Back then, I liked the series a lot. It was peppy, optimistic, and was encouraging and uplifting for younger kids. Now, as a high schooler, I find the series elementary and the protagonist annoying.

Girls just starting out in manga, or girls in middle school would enjoy it. If you're looking for a more mature plotline with more substance, look elsewhere.

Erica, 16


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