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Beauty Queens

by Libba Bray

Beauty Queens coverThe contestants for Miss Teen Dream, from Miss California to Miss Maine, are on a plane, heading to their destination when something unthinkable happens: their plane crash-lands on an unidentified island, out in the middle of nowhere. With the airplane crew, camera crew, and many of the pageant queens dead, the remaining must figure out a way to get rescued, and most importantly, survive.

This book touched on a lot of controversial aspects that I didn't support, but it did really make me realize how superficial and materialistic our society is. The way the characters reacted to things was also quite unrealistic, but there were some good aspects of the book as well. (I felt like it was an interesting portrayal of a modern "Lord of the Flies".) 

Only high schoolers should read this, definitely no one younger than 15. There are some topics discussed in this book that a lot of teenagers face that are more appropriate for older teens' eyes.

Erica, 16


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