by James Patterson

Max ocverMaximum Ride and her flock is in danger yet again. With the Coalition To Stop the Madness (CSM) supporting them, they have three decent meals and a bed to sleep in. But a Chinese guy named Mr. Chu wants CSM to stop its protesting so he can go on to dump radioactive materials into the ocean. Max protests so Mr. Chu kidnaps her mom. Will Max and the flock defeat Mr. Chu and save her mom?

It was very good because it had the style of writing I liked and was full of action and suspense!

I would recommend this book to teens who've read the other Maximum Ride books and anyone who loves action and suspense. It is a must-read!!

Hieu, 13


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That Summer 

by Sarah Dessen
11/13/2012 Categories: family drama realistic fiction siblings

That Summer coverWith Haven's whole world shifting around her she can't help to look back when her family was whole. Suddenly Summer reappears-the sister haven is about to lose.

I liked this book because it makes me think of times at the beach.

People who like fiction would like this book.

Rebecka, 14


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The Memory Keepers Daughter 

by Kim Edwards

Memory Keepers Daughter coverThe book is about a doctor's wife giving birth to twins one is a girl and has down syndrome the other is a healthy boy. It describes the doctor's life and his family's, as well as his daughter's lives and how they grow up without knowing one another.

I personally enjoyed the book very much. It was a great story about a family secret kept for so long and it's just so exciting!

I would definitely recommend this book to others. I think they would enjoy it if they liked books that seem based on a true story but aren't!

Mariana, 14


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The Glass Castle: a memoir 

by Jeannette Wells

Glass Castle coverThe book is about a young girl and her rough, tedious childhood. The book shows her struggles and how she overcame them, against all odds.

I loved this book so much, it was really interesting and kept me interested until the last page!

 I would recommend this book mainly to young girls, but the interesting story can capture the heart of anyone, at any age.

Khrystina, 17


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Demon Thief 

by Darren Shan
10/22/2012 Categories: demonology horror siblings

Demon Thief coverWith the opening of a window into the demon world, Kernel discovers his powers as a Disciple and his mission to hunt the viciously powerful Demonata to the death.

It is a good book because the protagonist is changed from the first book and it explains how far a kid would go for his brother.

I recommend this book to anybody with a strong relationship with their family.

Alexis, 13


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Throne of Fire 

by Rick Riordan
10/22/2012 Categories: action adventure mythology siblings

Throne coverCarter and Sadie Kane must prevent the rise of the chaos snake Apophis but to do this, they must revive the sun god Ra.

This is a good book because it is told in first person and lets you visualize the story.

I would recommend this book to kids of all ages especially if you like the Percy Jackson series and books about mythology.

Alexis, 13


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Fang: A Maximum Ride novel 

by James Patterson
09/06/2012 Categories: action adventure genetic engineering siblings

Fang coverIn book 6 of the Maximum Ride series, Max and the flock face their biggest challenge yet as Angel, on a CMS mission to Chad, predicts that Fang will be the first to die. Max becomes worried about this prediction especially since she and Fang had just finally started hitting it off. Tensions rise in the group itself as Fang and Max become a couple and the rest of the flock feels left out. They feel especially in danger when they're attacked and neither Max nor Fang are there to save them. And to add more to Max's list of troubles, she now has to deal with another crazy evil scientist, Dr G-H, who wants to use the bird kids as test subjects. What makes this time worse is that Dr. G-H has created a bird kid of his own, Dylan, and Max finds him to be it possible that he's to replace Fang?

I truly did like the idea behind Fang. The story, and the entire series as well, is one that keeps you hooked and interested. There are quite a few twists and turns and you'll always find yourself on the edge of your seat and the balls of your feet as Patterson throws surprise after surprise at you with every new page. The only thing that was a bit troublesome was the writing style. It was a bit too childish at times and seemed to wander from the topic at hand at some parts.

I would recommend this book to all others, especially those of you who love a great adventure. Fang gets you thinking about the possibilities with human genetics, but also brings up the ethical and moral responsibilities behind it all. 

Jana, 17


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Gregor the Overlander 

by Suzanne Collins
07/23/2012 Categories: adventure fantasy siblings time travel

Gregor coverThis book is about an 11-year-old boy named Gregor who lived in New York. Gregor's dad went missing about 2 years ago, and nobody could understand why. One afternoon, while Gregor was taking care of his baby sister Boots, Gregor was sucked into a mysterious hole in his laundry room along with his sister. They discover a land called the Underland. It is a world of bats, roaches, spiders, and rats. Gregor finds out that his father had also disappeared in this way. He must, along with various other friendly creatures, go on a quest to save his dad.

I chose to read this book because I enjoyed other books by the author. I liked it because of the suspense involved in it. It also had quite a few humorous moments.

I would recommend this book to someone who is interested in adventure and humor if you don't have anything better to read.

Nathan, 13


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Witch and Wizard 

by James Patterson
02/06/2012 Categories: dystopia siblings witches & wizards

Witch and Wizard coverOne sister and one brother are accused of being a witch and wizard. It's about this new society, run by The One Who Is The One, and how they are afraid of kids because they suspect that they have powers.

I absolutely loved this book! I thought that the writing was very easy-to-follow, and it wasn't a complicated storyline! I love all books about different societies, and how it makes you think how lucky we are, living in a country like ours.

I would definitely recommend this book to all lovers of the Hunger Games. I read this book right after I read the Hunger Games series and didn't think low on either of them. This was overall an AMAZING book!!

Chanel, 13


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