Meetings at the Metaphor Cafe 

by Robert Pacilio

Image result for Meetings at the Metaphor Cafe book coverMeetings at the Metaphor Cafe is about a book of four unique teenagers who meet at the Metaphor Cafe to discuss the inspiring lessons of their English teacher, Mr. Buscotti (or Mr. B, for short). Mr. B inspires his students in many different ways, from music to dancing.

Meetings at the Metaphor Cafe is among one of the best high school books I have ever read. The story is written in four points of view, from the four main characters, making it easier to understand their personalities and conflicts. Mr. B is an amazing teacher, and the author's writing makes you feel like you're in his class!

EVERY high school student and teacher should read this book! Meetings at the Metaphor Cafe gives you a highly inspirational experience that few other books can replicate!

Jakob, 15


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The Help 

by Kathryn Stockett
08/13/2012 Categories: african americans friendship inspirational

The Help coverThe Help is about a white woman named Skeeter helping African-American maids get their voice heard. This book is set in the early 1960's, where the risk of Africans speaking out is extremely dangerous.

I liked this book, because it gave insight on what it was like to be both a white, and an African person during this time, instead of just one group's perspective.

I would recommend this book to everyone, but especially to those who like reading about historical and inspirational books.

Alexis, 15


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Clueless Girl's Guide to Being a Genius 

by Janice Repka
07/03/2012 Categories: friendship funny high school drama

Clueless coverA Clueless Girl's Guide to Being a Genius is about two different girls and how they teach other lessons that the other did not know about. One is a genius, while the other is a fashionista. It is all about their lives when they meet each other and became friends. 

This is a cute, easy-to-read book that wasn't at all hard to understand so reading it was fun and enjoyable.

I would recommend this book to those who want to just sit back and read a fun and short book!

Chanel, 13


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A Separate Peace 

by John Knowles

A Separate Peace is a novel that takes place during WWII, and talks about two best friends. Finny and Gene seem to be unlikely friends, because Finny is really into sports and having fun, while Gene focuses on his studies and being number one in his class. Gene becomes extremely jealous of Finny' s popularity, and becomes paranoid that Finny doesn't want Gene to be number one in the class. Gene's jealousy controls him and gets the better of him and starts the main conflict in this novel.

This book teaches the life lessons of friendship and loyalty. A true friend should not feel jealous and want to bring down a friend, but should be happy and support his or her friend. A true friend will acknowledge and accept their wrong doings toward their friend, and finally his or her friend will accept the apology. Another life lesson I learned was that you should always think before acting because you might regret it until your death.

This book is more than two covers filled with printed pages. The words and story itself come to life with each turned page. The characters become a friend you yourself will not want to say good bye to. The whole book was amazing, because the book starts out as a comedy but becomes and ends as a tragedy. If you are a strong reader and can withstand a sad ending like this one, I strongly recommend this book. A Separate Peace is more than a book , it's a soul that keeps living.

Lauren, 16


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Snow Flower and the Secret Fan 

by Lisa See
06/05/2012 Categories: chinese history friendship

Snow Flower coverThis book takes place in China in the 19th century.  A girl, Lily, is force to have her feet bound after seeing her younger sister die of foot-binding. Lily is then introduced to her matchmaker who tells her of her Laotong, or long life friend. Lily and Snow Flower come from two completely different worlds yet still hold a strong bond.

Snow Flower and the Secret Fan is an incredible book that has a fairy tale in real life. However, in this book, Lily and Snow Flower must endure many obstacles before they find their true happy ending. Nevertheless, Not everybody or book has a happy ending
and life has many twists. 

I greatly recommend this book to people who like sharp twists in books and shocking endings. This book does contain intense scenes and may not be suitable for young teens. This book is a must- read from Lisa See. If you are interested in China's history or even if you aren't, you will be after you read Snow Flower and the Secret Fan.

Lauren, 16


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Of Mice and Men 

by John Steinbeck
04/30/2012 Categories: friendship handicaps

An old classic, Of Mice and Men recounts the sad tale of a friendship between two men, George and Lennie. Although it is a short book, this novel will keep you at the edge of your seat despite its simplicity.

Of Mice and Men is one of the few books that I like, just because of the messages and themes portrayed in the book. Even if you're not analyzing the brains out of this book in English class, this is still an enigmatic and enjoyable read.

As the language and length of the book are short and simple, anyone can read this. However, there is some profanity and slightly vulgar references in this book, which is why I suggest at least 8th grade and up.

Erica, 16


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by Jeff Sampson

Havoc coverEmily Webb, human-werewolf hybrid, is back in action: this time along with Spencer and some new cohorts--and enemies. As she uncovers more of her mysterious past, and how she and the others became werewolves in the first place, Emily realizes how dangerous the path the teens tread can be.

The best part of the book was, in my opinion, the addition of more Deviants. Dalton, who recently recovered from his head injury, is back in the game and excited to test out his new abilities. However, what pained me the most was the escapades the group shared, such as breaking into a secret lab and whatnot without much difficulty. I felt like the events portrayed in the book were unrealistic as a whole, yet somehow the naivety of the Deviants were fitting--after all, they're only teenagers.

Again, with the massive cliffhanger at the end of the sequel, I am eagerly anticipating the third installment of Vesper. If you like werewolves (or simply teens who can kick butt), check out this book the next time you drop by at the library!

Erica, 16


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