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Swing It, Sunny! by Jennifer Holm

Swing it, Sunny (Sunny, Book 2) (2): Holm, Jennifer L., Holm, Matthew:  9780545741729: Books

In the mid-70's, a girl named Sunny, who thinks of her life as her own personal show, faces middle school and deals with lots of family problems--like when her older brother Dale gets sent off to a military academy because of his behavior. But Sunny learns: when life has you down, swing up!

I LOVED this book! I loved all the colors (it's a graphic novel) and how alive the illustrations look. I just feel like I'm there! Also, I love how it's set in the 70's. I love to see stuff that was YEARS before my time, because I can look back and be like, "Wow, the 70's were insane!"

If you like, funny, upbeat, and sometimes heartbreaking and hopeful graphic novels, then Swing It, Sunny! is a great option for you!

Ofel, 11


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Brave by Svetlana Chmakova Brave (Berrybrook Middle School) (9780316363181): Chmakova,  Svetlana, Chmakova, Svetlana: Books

One boy faces bullies, middle school, and all around confusion, and realizes what it means to be brave. Brave is a story about a kid named Jensen who gets bullied because of his weight. The bullies, Foster and Yanic, are straight-up jerks and call him names like "Fatso." He gets help from friends at the newspaper crew about what to do about these bullies.

I absolutely LOVED this book! The art style is wonderful (it's a graphic novel) and it's so well written and upbeat. Jensen, being the narrator, has such a great mood and he daydreams a lot.

If you like really humorous, sometimes sad or angering books, then make sure to check out Brave. I think the age demographic would probably be ages 10 and up, since this book has some slight bad words. 

Ofel, 11


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