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by George Orwell

This story is about Winston Smith, who lives in a dystopian society called Oceania, which used to be the former Americas and British Isles. In Oceania, pretty much all of life is controlled by the government, simply called the Party.

1984 tells of Winston's rebellion against the Party and his struggle to remain himself.1984 is an amazing book. It really gets you thinking about how humans can survive in a society such as this one. Winston's narration is great also, very funny and thought-provoking.

Obviously, sci-fi fans would like this book, but really I'd recommend it to anyone, since it tells such a great story about human nature. It's not that hard to read, and one of those stories that can stay with you for a lifetime.

Kristine, 15


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Fahrenheit 451

by Ray Bradbury

Fahrenheit 451 coverFahrenheit 451 takes place in a worst-case scenario future, where the brilliant are censored for their knowledge, creativity is demolished, and books are burned by firemen. The story follows Guy Montag, a fireman, who meets a seventeen-year-old girl who talks about a past where people could think.

Fahrenheit 451 is a bit difficult to read at first, but once you begin to understand its meaning, it becomes a spectacular read. It details how censorship can ruin and degrade a society.

I recommend this book to not only Science Fiction lovers, but also to any big thinkers out there. Fahrenheit 451 details a topic that is rarely touched upon in our society- censorship.

Jakob, 15


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