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Blood Ninja

by Nick Lake

This story is a gripping tale of adventure and some romance with killer ninjas. Taro, a peasant boy, but who is actually the son of the shogun, has the dream and desire to become a ninja. Only, later on, he is attacked and stabbed by a ninja and is saved by the ninja Shuzaku. The only twist is that they are vampires, and once bitten by a ninja you become one of them. This is why you don't see ninjas in the day. 

I loved the book and the series that goes along with it. The character development within this book for the main character and side character is really amazing. Both characters learn to see the world in a different way and learn the way of the ninja. 

I would recommend this book to others because this book made me realize that even though you are pushed down, you need to get up and go on. This I can see with the main character, when his peasant father is killed and he is being hunted down by samurai. Taro is frightened, but with the help of Shuzaku, he gets back up so he can reach his dream. 

Liliana, 16


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Star Sand

by Roger Pulvers

Hiromi, a sixteen-year-old Japanese American girl, lives on a small Japanese island during World War II. Hiromi, not knowing which side of the war to be on, finds a cave that conceals an American and a Japanese soldier who have both fled from the war. Neither able to communicate with one another, Hiromi decides to be their translator while also providing them with food. Hiromi wrote her story in her diary, which is later found in the twenty-first century. Not knowing what happened to the three, one college student travels to the island to answer the mystery of what happened to Hiromi.

Star Sand is an amazing book that shows humans as kind and loving individuals who look past the race of a person and see the good inside one another. It also has an air of mystery to it.

I would strongly recommend this book to those who like to read historical fiction and mysteries. This book will keep you sitting on the end of your seat.

Emily, 15


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Memoirs of a Geisha

by Arthur Golden

Memoirs of a GeishaThe book is about a Japanese girl who is torn away from her family at a young age. She goes to live in a house with three older ladies, another girl her age, and a famous Geisha. The hope is that someday she will become a Geisha as well. With many set backs, she has a difficult journey, only helped by the handsome Chairman.

It was a very good book. It opens up a whole new culture in such a unique way and allows you to form deep connections with the main character as she makes her way through a life mostly forced upon her.

I would most definitely recommend this book to others because it is a great story that incorporates Japanese culture and history. Most likely, you will like this book if you are interested in Japanese culture, geisha, or narratives of the struggles of a young girl.    

Jordan, 17


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