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This Side of Paradise

by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Image result for this side of paradiseThis novel describes life during the Jazz Age through the eyes of the egotistical Amory Blaine. The story follows the course of his life through his adolescent years, through Princeton University, and ends at a crossroads in Amory's career. Along this journey, Amory falls in love with many mysterious, charming "flappers" who leave him heartbroken, yet thrilled.

I enjoyed this book, however the plot progression was slightly slowed by Fitzgerald's vivid descriptions. I really liked the illustrative writing because I could clearly picture the plot events, as if I were Amory himself.

I would definitely recommend this book to others due to its rich and descriptive plot. If you like other classic novels, then you should read this book.

Bethany, 15


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The Sun Also Rises

by Ernest Hemingway

This novel takes place after WWI, where most of the main characters, such as Jake, were soldiers in war and therefore received war trauma. The novel is mostly about how these soldiers self-medicate with alcohol, and how they can never fully be themselves again.

I enjoyed this book, due to the fact that the novel talked about the soldiers after a war, and how the war changed these men. The war also affects a woman named Brett who seems to be a modern woman during that time period and has a relationship with Jake. My least favorite part was when Brett used Jake to get to Romero, and I felt disgusted towards Brett.

I would gladly recommend this book to everyone. This book does contain some mature content, such as self-medicating with alcohol, and the effects of war on soldiers. This novel explores the minds of once stable men and woman who become anger-filled and depressed people.

Lauren, 17


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The Reader

by Bernhard Schlink

Reader coverThe Reader, written by Bernhard Schlink, is a book that talks about inapprpiate
relationships. The main character, Michael , becomes enthralled by Hanna, a
woman is his neighborhood, who is twice his age. Fifteen year old Michael lies
to his parents, goes back to school, and even sells his prized stamp collection
for his new lover, Hanna. This book has two parts. At the beginning, Michael is fifteen when he firsts meets Hanna, but is later in his twenties when he finally sees Hanna again.  Michael finds out why and where Hanna disappeared.

I would recommend this book to teens who enjoy a good mystery, and if you pay close attention you can solve the mystery. However this book does contain intense scenes. Remember, Michael and Hanna do have a inappropriate relationship. This book was a fast read book because of the awesome mystery - it's a total page turner!  There is also a movie with the same name based on this book.

Lauren, 16


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