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by Eve Silver

Eve Silver's Rush is an intriguing book about people who have died (well almost), but before they are gone, get resurrected into a game. In this "game", they fight aliens in order to protect Earth. They are placed in teams, and periodically get transported to The Game when they are needed. Rush, the first book in Eve Silver's series, is very interesting and a great start to the rest of the fascinating series.

I liked reading Rush, because it is a great story of a girl that struggles with her own emotions, her hard life at home, and yet still manages to push through and defend the world when it is necessary.

I would recommend Rush to anyone who likes action books, but don't be surprised when there is a mysterious plot twist at the end!

Sara, 14


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by S.J. Kincaid

VortexEver wanted to have a computer in your head that allows you to do practically anything? Well, now you can (in a way.) In this futuristic book, Tom Raines and his friends are 99.9% human, with that 0.1% being part computer. They are part of a government branch that helps the military defeat the Russo-Chinese in World War III. There are many friends and enemies along the way (some more than others.) Then Tom is forced to make a decision between betraying his country and saving his friends. What will he decide? Read Vortex to find out.

It was very good. It had a lot of action, witty humor, suspense, and just plain awesomeness.

I would recommend this book to anybody, not just the people who like sci-fi. It is just that good.

Hieu, 14


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