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by Brendan Halpin

Image result for shutout by brendan halpinFourteen-year-old Amanda and her best friend Lena start high school looking forward to playing on the varsity soccer team, but when Lena makes varsity and Amanda only makes junior varsity, their long friendship rapidly changes.

I really liked this because it showed how friendships could change after decisions are made. I liked it because it was a real-life example.

I recommend this book to all because its a friendship crisis. For those interested in soccer stories this book is definitely for you 

Melissa, 13


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Breakaway: beyond the goal

by Alex Morgan

The Olympic gold medal-winning soccer player details her path to success, from her childhood in California to her time on the United States' National team.

This book kept me up all day and night. Alex Morgan's story made me believe that I could accomplish anything. Anyone reading this book would feel as if their dreams could come true.

This book is perfect for soccer fans and people who love stories about overcoming obstacles put in your path in order to reach your goal. 

Melissa, 13


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