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Blood Ninja

by Nick Lake

This story is a gripping tale of adventure and some romance with killer ninjas. Taro, a peasant boy, but who is actually the son of the shogun, has the dream and desire to become a ninja. Only, later on, he is attacked and stabbed by a ninja and is saved by the ninja Shuzaku. The only twist is that they are vampires, and once bitten by a ninja you become one of them. This is why you don't see ninjas in the day. 

I loved the book and the series that goes along with it. The character development within this book for the main character and side character is really amazing. Both characters learn to see the world in a different way and learn the way of the ninja. 

I would recommend this book to others because this book made me realize that even though you are pushed down, you need to get up and go on. This I can see with the main character, when his peasant father is killed and he is being hunted down by samurai. Taro is frightened, but with the help of Shuzaku, he gets back up so he can reach his dream. 

Liliana, 16


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