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Les Miserables

by Victor Hugo

This story is filled with passion, the strength of love, and sadness on a low scale. The story begins with a lady named Fantine. Her husband abandoned her while she was still pregnant with their future daughter, Cosette. Fantine had to work at a factory, so she decided to put her daughter in the greedy hands of the Thenardiers. They own an inn. Little did Fantine know of the dangers that her daughter had to go through while living with the selfish family. . .

I found the story itself enjoyable with lots of interesting characters to explore and get-to-know-of. Other than the sadness, and some miserable people in this book, some characters, like Jean Valjean, change in a good way throughout the book. Jean was changed by a man by the name of M. Myriel who is a humble bishop of Digne.

Other than being a world-famous book, this story really highlights the hardship of the past. Filled with odd and cool characters, such as Cosette, Marius, or even Javert, people who admire bravery, flames of love, and a book filled with real historic events would love this book.

Priscilla, 12


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The Odyssey of Homer

by Translated and with an Introduction by Alexander Pope

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The Odyssey of Homer is a classic Greek novel about a man named Odysseus and his struggles as he tries to get home to his wife and child after the war. In this book, Odysseus runs into many problems, because of his own ignorance, or because of the selfishness of his crew. Throughout this interesting tale, we see Odysseus not only struggle to get home, but also struggle to find himself as he morals and values change on his journey.

I loved reading The Odyssey, because it is not a simple book. While Odysseus' journey is fun to read, the language is difficult to understand, as well as the messages underneath. I loved reading this book, because it makes you think and has a lot of depth.

If you don't like books with depth, The Odyssey is not the right book for you. However, if you like to read challenging books that not only have interesting stories, but a lot of depth, I would highly recommend it. 

Sara, 14


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