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The Kill Order

by James Dashner

The Kill OrderThe prequel to the Maze Runner, The Kill Order is the story of how the sun flares ruined society, how the Flare came to be. Taking place before any of the trials, it follows Mark, a survivor, and his tight group of friends as the insanity that is the Flare is unleashed and they search for answers.

At first I was a bit hesitant while reading it, I was being introduced to new characters which is not the most fun. After forcing myself to pour over the first dozen chapters (there are 67 but it goes by fast) I found myself becoming intrigued with the plot. I like how James Dashner is able to use words to form imagery in my mind's eye. With the occasional Dashner plot twist, I loved learning more about the back story with The Kill Order.

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes dystopian stories such as the Hunger Games or Divergent. If you like a good action story that's laced with romance and mystery, you'll love this amazing prequel. Or if you just like to get away with a good fiction, this is a good choice to do so. Warning though, you should read the other three Maze Runner books before this one; semi-spoiler alert.

Desiree, 14


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The Final Warning

by James Patterson

The Final WarningIn the fourth book of the Maximum Ride series, Max and the Flock head to Antarctica to help scientists research global warming.
While they are there, one of the scientists is revealed to be a spy to the Uber-director. Then the Flock is captured and the Uber-director almost sells them as weapons, but a huge hurricane sweeps everything away. At the end, Max speaks to Congress about the effect of global warming on the Earth.

I liked this book very much because it was very jam-packed with action. It also warned us about the effects of global warming. I would recommend The Final Warning to those who have kept up with the series, or those who enjoy a great story filled with adventure.

Chanel, 14


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This World We Live

by Susan Beth Pfeffer

This World We Live InThis World We Live In is a companion novel to both Life As We Knew It and The Dead & The Gone, and continues the story of what happened after a meteor collided with the moon and catastrophically altered the earth's climate. Miranda Evans, the main character from the first book, narrates the hardships of living in a destroyed world where leaving can be forever and where almost everyone you know is dead. Alex, the narrator from the second book shows up at Miranda's door with her father and her stepmother. He and Miranda begin a catastrophic and sad relationship that causes only more heartbreak.

I really enjoyed this book almost as much as the  first two. This World We Live In provided a very interesting storyline. I was very excited to see both of the narrators from the previous books meet and fall in love, but as the story progressed, it became a little predictable and cheesy. Overall, it was a good book filled with many tragic events that often made it hard not to cry.

I would recommend this book to others who have read the previous books and who cannot get enough of this author's work.  I would also recommend it to people who like sad and tragic stories, and for those who can handle death and disturbing parts. This World We Live In is suitable for both guys and girls, because it is not solely based on romance, but the will to survive and help your family through tough times.  

Daisy, 17


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Ashes, Ashes

by Jo Treggiari

Ashes, AshesThe world has ended and Lucy must survive. After some dogs attack her, she meets Aidan and soon finds out that there are other people that have survived. Rampaged by the Sweepers, they must prevail against all odds.

This book is so good! Lots of dangerous and tricky situations. If you like mortal peril then this is the book for you.

Hieu, 13


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A Crack in the Sky

by Mark Peter Hughes

Crack in the Sky coverA Crack In the Sky is a dystopian novel about Eli, the youngest member of the Papadopolous family that runs Infiniticorp. After a global disease wipes out much of humanity, Infinticorp builds domed cities for the survivors. Eli notices flaws in the holographic sky over Atlanta. He is determined to find out the truth even when nobody else will believe him. His quest leads him to question all he has ever known and what secrets the domes hide.

I like this book because it keeps you guessing until the end and shows a glimpse of a future that may not be too far away.

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes post apocalyptic novels and science fiction.

Liam, 15


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by Ilsa Bick

Ashes coverAnything can happen in today's world, even a nuclear attack. In Ashes, Alex, a young teen who has a monster inside of her, a brain tumor, decides to go hiking in the woods so that she can finally say good-bye to her deceased parents. In the middle of her camping trip, she meets Ellie, a little stubborn eight-year old brat, and her Grandfather. Suddenly, something happens. Grandpa falls over in pain and before Alex could do anything, she finds herself enveloped in pain as well. When she finally awakens, she finds Grandpa dead and for once she can smell. Alex takes Ellie and tries to make her way to the ranger station because right now she knows that they need help. Along the way, Alex and Ellie come across kids like them only there's one difference: they've become savage cannibals. Alex and Ellie are rescued on their way to the station by Tom, a soldier, and the trio join together to find out what has happened to their world and if there is any safe place, any order within this chaos.

Ashes is an amazing book that leaves you wondering and questioning. You are constantly in the dark and piece things together just as Alex begins to understand them. The story is compelling and will hold your attention from beginning to end. Like few other similar books, Ashes explores the dark side of human nature and shows how in chaotic situations we too can become savages, we too are forced to do things we would never have dreamed of doing.

I would recommend this book to all others who enjoy a compelling story and don't mind being left in the dark and not one step ahead of the characters. If you liked books such as The Maze Runner and Lord of the Flies, books about survival, books with what-ifs and how-comes, then Ashes is the book for you.

Jana, 16


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The Dead and the Gone

by Susan Beth Pfeffer

Dead and the Gone coverThis is the second of three books that tell the story of different families who must survive horrible natural disasters when a meteor hits the moon and pushes it into the Earth's gravitational pull.

Not exactly like what's happening with all the flooding and tornadoes in the south and the earthquake in Japan, but a similar type of survival situation. There is so much action and sadness that each page is filled with events both wearying and terrifying and the characters are infused with honest emotions.

Eric, 15


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