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Regretting You

by Colleen Hoover

Regretting You goes back and forth between the mother’s point of view and the daughter’s point of view. It shows them going through love and loss.

Regretting You is a good book because it shows that no matter at what age or how much time has passed you can still relate to your parents or a parent figure. The book has many sad moments but also caring loving moments.

I recommend people that are close to a parent figures and share things with them. The book also explains how it feels to deal with grief for someone you’ve loved so much but has betrayed you.

Nadia, 16


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by Gabrielle Zevin

A young girl is adapting to her new life in Elsewhere. She meets new people and finds love and discovers what she values most in life.

Elsewhere is an interesting read. I liked the concept and the characters. It was an extremely easy read and probably intended for a younger teen audience. In the end though you feel good and happy for all the characters.

I would recommend this to younger teens (13 or 14 years old). I think the way the story is told and the characters would be ones that younger people could connect with.

If you like a little romance and in the end a feel good kind of book you may enjoy Elsewhere.

Rory, 17


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