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The City of Ember

by Jeanne DuPrau

The city of Ember

The book is called City of Ember by Jeanne DuPrau is a post-apocalyptic novel. The story is about an underground city and the citizens of which don't even know anything about the surface world or any world at all. They lived in the city for over 200 years and it is the only world that they know of that exists. Unfortunately, the city started to wear down and eventually it could be engulfed by pitch black darkness and with all of the citizens in it. But now it is up to 2 kids, Lina Mayfleet, and her friend, Doon Harrow who will lead everyone back into the light.

I prefer to read the book instead of watching the movie. How sad it is to live in a dark world which is lit up by only light bulbs and don’t even know there is a huge world above them. I loved this mystery and how the characters went through so much trouble to solve the secrets hiding within the City of Ember.

Those who love dramatic realistic fiction and a post-apocalyptic novel would find this book exciting and interesting. Bravery and friendship is the main key to success in this novel. The story flows smoothly and the feeling of anxiety of wanting to know what happens next will rise with every page of the book.

Katherine, 14


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New World Rising

by Jennifer Wilson

In a world where the cities are dominated by competing tribes, a young woman must try and find her way and not be found by the cruel tribe members. She desires revenge for her parents deaths but soon finds that revenge is not the way to go and decides to help find the answer to making their run down city functional again.

This book was really good. It was quick paced and had plenty on action with just a little bit of romance. The characters felt real and believable. The whole book gave me Divergent vibes. The whole time you want to know more and really can connect with the main characters.

If you enjoyed the Divergent series and are looking for something similar I would recommend this book. It is an easier read but it is so worth it.

Rory, 17


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