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Lord of the Flies

by William Golding

Lord of the flies

After a plane crashes, a group of young schoolboys are left stranded on an uncharted island. There are no adults that survived. The group of boys enjoy the liberating feeling of no supervision. Without an adult to tell them what to do, they can do anything they desire. However, everything is not as great as they imagined once arguments break out and order starts to crumble. Fear starts to creep into the minds of each boy as their hopes of being saved diminish.

Personally, I thought that Lord of the Flies was an excellent novel, even if it's assigned to you by your English teacher. The story gives off a message about how children act and how they try to survive with no adult to guide them. Their independence can be related to children this day in age. The story conveys an important message while at the same time, it also delivers a great story about adventure and persistence.

I would encourage all readers to try this novel, even if it hasn't been assigned to you by your English teacher. This book will relate to teen readers and it will be engaging for them. The author helps you create such a deep connection with his characters. This coming of age novel teaches you the values of trust, true friendship, and sanity.

Gavin, 15


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