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Immortal Hounds by

by Ryo Yasohachi

Immortal Hounds Manga Volume 1

Ever since mortals have appeared in this immortal world, it's caused chaos. To combat this problem, two major organizations are there to do what they think is right: protect or destroy them. In the 2nd volume, one of these protectors called Fuurin is trying to get the upper hand from Detective Kenzaki (who believes all mortals deserve to be eradicated). Whilst this occurs, Kiriko tries to make her debut in the organization, more specifically the role as a protector (also known as Vectors).

I couldn't put this manga down. Readers get to see contrasting perspectives of Vectors along with the detectives and the police. This unique plot doesn't go unnoticed, and reading about minorities and how they're seen in this immortal world is very intriguing!!

Although there is some slight gore in the manga, I would absolutely recommend it! It's clear the author doesn't shy away from showing what immortals consider to be norms, and an example of this is beautifully shown in the opening of volume 1. Highly recommend reading volume 1 first to learn about the characters more!! Overall, amazing read!

Lucia, 14


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