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Daughter of Sparta

by Claire M Andrews

Daughter of Sparta

This book was about 2 sisters' perspective growing up in ancient Greece, facing the hardships of living as royalty. The older sister was supposed to be the next queen, but her parents decided her sister needed to be queen to save her reputation.

I loved it! The author spends paragraphs describing the scenery making sure we can picture the setting in our heads. What I didn't like was that the perspectives hopped around.

I would recommend this book to other teenagers and young adults because of the heavy themes it also includes advanced vocabulary and knowledge of Greek mythology.

Victoria, 17


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The Song of Achilles

by Madeline Miller

book cover for The song of Achilles

This book is told in the perspective of a boy named Patroclus, who is a Greek Prince, and is exiled by his father and is taken in by a king and his son, Achilles who he develops a very close bond with.

I loved it! What I liked about this book was that I wasn't once bored of the storyline and how the author is very descriptive in her writing.

Yes, I would recommend this book to young adults who want to learn more about Greek mythology.

Victoria, 17


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The Illiad of Homer

by Richmond Lattimore The Iliad of Homer: 8601417981696: Richmond Lattimore, Homer:  Books

It is an epic poem about Achilleus' anger. His anger was caused by Agamemnon, an Achaian leader, who dishonored Achilleus. Achilleus, the best Achaian warrior, got Zeus to help him to punish all the Achaians for dishonoring him by getting lots of casualties against the war with Trojans. Achilleus' godlike anger only ended when he shared grief with Priam, the Trojan king, over how the loss of his life would affect his father.

I find the Iliad interesting in that although Homer is Greek, he did not glorify one side over another, so he ended up telling a complete story of the humanity of characters. I do not like Achilleus since he just strikes me as someone who is egocentric and has anger issues. The rest of the character cast have not really changed, so their personalities are stagnant.

I would recommend it if you want something a little more challenging to read. You might also find media references of the Iliad since it very much affected Western literature.

Anna, 15


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