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What I Like About You

by Marisa Kanter

What I like about you

One girl, two lives. One online and one in real life. In real life she is the daughter of two famous documentary directors and the granddaughter to a famous book editor. When she is online she could be herself, a book reviewer, without anyone liking her house or her family background. Everything changes when she moves and meets her online best friend of many years and ends up having a HUGE crush on him. Without him know who she truly is.

I enjoyed this book because throughout the book is reveals how the main character didn’t really know much about her culture, due to the fact that her parents never had the time to teach her. So when she gets closer to her grandpa, she realizes how little she know about her background and her own people and her wanting to learn more. It also displayed how many teens my age have the problem to express themselves in real life rather than online.

If you love coming of age books, I think you will really enjoy this book.

Chelsea, 15


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