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Things Hoped For

by Andrew Clements

Gwen is a violinist in Manhattan competing for entry to one of Manhattan's top music schools. She doesn't need more stress, but her grandfather disappears with only a phone message addressed to her as a clue to where he is. Then she meets Robert, who's also auditioning, and things suddenly don't seem so bad. But when a dead body is found in her home and an invisible man shows up inside her house, Gwen and Robert are suddenly brought together in a way they could never have imagined. Things Hoped For is the second in the series started by the book Things Not Seen.

Things Hoped For is a great book because it makes you think through different perspectives. I like how the characters from the first book of the series tie in with the setting and people of this book.

If you like science-fiction or suspense stories, you will very much enjoy reading Things Hoped For.

Julia, 13


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Mozart Season

by Virginia Euwer Wolff

Mozart Season coverAllegra Shapiro is a twelve-year-old girl who is the youngest contestant in the Ernest Bloch Young Musicians' Competition. As she meets new people and struggles with her persistence for the violin and her concerto, she discovers a new meaning to herself and her background. 

I enjoyed the book's musical themes, which a lot of books rarely describe accurately. Some parts of the book were a little hasty and seemed to pop out of nowhere, but overall it was an enjoyable, easy-read book. 

This would be a great read for 8th graders and up, to anyone who likes reading about music, or a book about everyday life without the teen drama. :)

Erica, 16


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