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Why We Broke Up

by Daniel Handler

Image result for why we broke up book coverMinerva, the main character, is writing a series of letters to her now ex-boyfriend. In the letters she explains to him the multiple reasons as to why they broke up. Along with the letters, Min is on her way to drop off a box with souvenirs of there short relationship, each comes with a story of how it was obtained.

Why We Broke Up was okay but I would personally not re-read it. I found the main character to be weak, therefore making the story as a whole weak as well. I did not like all those references Min made to movies, whether they were real or not, if the reader does not know much about older movies, the reader is unable to fully comprehend her message.

I would only recommend this book to mature pre-teens because although the story seems more fit to teenagers because some of its material, Min seems inexperienced and perhaps pre-teens could relate and not make the same mistakes as Min did.

Maribel, 16


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