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Girl Stolen

by April Henry

Girl Stolen is about a girl name Cheyenne who, when she was younger, contracted pneumonia and became blind. Her life takes a dangerous twist one day when waiting for her mother in the car, a random guy hijacks the car!

I really liked this book because it was creepy! Knowing that this happens sometimes in real life is scary!

Yessica, 15


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Along Came a Spider

by James Patterson

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After the kidnapping of a young girl, detective Alex Cross undertakes the task of finding her. During his investigation, he comes across the murders of a family as well as a school-teacher. Ultimately, he connects all of these crimes to one psychopath who he must catch before time runs out.

I'm a sucker for mystery books and it had such a thrilling plot. I tried to work out the mystery while reading just like Detective Cross. The book made me very suspicious of pretty much everyone in the book except for the narrator because it's in his perspective, but Patterson placed a few plot twists that was surprising. However, those plot twists were what got me hooked to the book.

This book is a mystery novel, so naturally, I would recommend it people who like reading mystery. However, I don't think it should be just limited to mystery enthusiasts. Even though in the beginning, Patterson doesn't give away the criminal, the last half of the book is focused on catching the killer and finding his motive.

Heejeong, 18


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Where The Stars Still Shine

by Trish Doller

Where the Stars Still Shine is a book about Callie, a seventeen-year-old girl who was abducted by her mom at a young age. Callie is found by the police, and brought home to her dad, but she struggles to adjust to living a normal life.

I am a tough critic, but this book was not my favorite. Even if you can handle the adult content scenes, there's a lot of sad moments, and the ending with the love interest left me dissatisfied.

Where the Stars Still Shine ends in a cliffhanger fashion where you get to decide what happens without the author explicitly telling you which may be appealing to some readers.

Amanda, 16


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by Lucy Christoper


A girl gets stolen by a cute guy with seemingly good intentions and taken to the Australian outback. Much of the novel is written as a letter to the girl's captor after she escapes, and how she subsequently copes with form of Stockholm Syndrome.

Obviously, because of its subject matter, Stolen was a very gripping story to read (Christopher's an amazing author). However, since the book is essentially just a flashback, the beginning is a bit hard to get through since it takes a bit of exposition to get to the really dramatic scenes.

I think most people will enjoy this book. I found Stolen very interesting to read, especially the parts related to Stockholm Syndrome. It may be a bit hard to really get into at first, but in the end, I think it was a good read.

Kristine, 15


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Maximum Ride: the Angel Experiment

by James Patterson

Angel ExperimentMaximum Ride is the leader of her "flock"- 5 other kids who, like her, have wings and can soar above the clouds. They were experiments created by crazy scientists and have hard lives, from battling wolf/human hybrids to rescuing Angel from the School where they were tested and created.

I loved this book, from the action to the love, this book was truly amazing. I really liked how much Max cared for her family and would do anything to help them.

I would absolutely recommend this book to anyone who likes an exhilarating, fast-paced story with a well thought out story plan. It has the perfect amount of surprise and suspense.

Chanel, 14


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The Lovely Bones

by Alice Sebold

Lovely Bones coverA teenage girl, Susie Salmon, gets raped and killed by her own neighbor. She tried calling out for help but nobody heard her. Throughout the entire book, the only one who suspects that the neighbor did it is her sister, Lindsay. Susie's parents' marriage falls apart because of Susie's death and they get divorced and end up together in the end again.

I really enjoyed this book because it's full of mystery. It makes you think about who you can and can't trust. It's a perfect example of the saying "Don't judge a book by its cover" because she thought he was a nice guy but he turned out to be a rapist.

I would recommend it to those who like mystery, crime, and love affairs. There isn't a single page in this book that doesn't have one of the three.

Safiro, 16


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Blood Fever

by Charlie Higson

Blood Fever coverThe novel Blood Fever by Charlie Higson is about the adventures of a young boy named Bond, James Bond. Upon visiting his cousin on the island of Sardinia, he learns of a relative of one of his schoolmates was kidnapped by pirates on the Mediterranean sea. Soon he is caught up in an island-wide war and must save the prisoner and escape with his life.

I like this novel because it has all the elements of the original James Bond books and has all new characters. I recommend this book to all James Bond fans and people who love adventure.

Liam, 15


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by Stephen Davies

Outlaw coverIn Outlaw, Jake Knight, the son of the British ambassador, is suspended from his boarding school because his adventurous nature has once again gotten him in trouble. Jake ends up joining his parents in Burkina Faso. He's overjoyed because now, in Africa, he can have the adventure he has always wanted. But Jake never wanted to be kidnapped. In the middle of a banquet, Jake and Kas, his younger sister, are kidnapped by a man with a spiderweb tattoo. They are told that this man is Yakuuba Sor, the most wanted outlaw in the Sahara desert. But as Jake and Kas try to escape, as they rush to get home, they learn that not everything is what it seems and that a modern Robin Hood may actually exist in this world.

Outlaw is an amazing book filled with adventure from the start. Every chapter is filled with some surprise, some sudden event that was never expected. More than anything, Outlaw shows that nothing is impossible and that if you put your mind to it, you can do anything and everything. And it clearly shows that bigger is not always better; in fact, cunning is always better than force. It gives you hope and shows you that even you can make a difference in this world.

I would recommend this book to readers who love a good adventure story that keeps them hooked from the start. If you like James Bond, action, and a little bit of humor than Outlaw is the book for you.

Jana, 16


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