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Midnight Comes to the Metaphor Cafe 

by Robert Pacilio
10/22/2012 Categories: dance high school drama realistic fiction

Midnight cover

Midnight Comes to the Metaphor Cafe is about how four seniors go through their last year of high school, and determine what they will do in life. It serves as a sequel of Meetings at the Metaphor Cafe, which was about the teenagers as juniors being taught by an amazing teacher.

Midnight Comes to the Metaphor Cafe is a great book that shows the drama and challenges of the senior year of high school. In my opinion, I feel that its prequel, Meetings at the Metaphor Cafe, was a bit better since you could really imagine yourself in the situations of the book.

I recommend it to anyone who's read the first book. This book shows how different real life can be compared to high school, so teenagers should also enjoy reading this.

Jakob, 15


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A Dance of Sisters 

by Tracey Porter

Dance of Sisters coverA Dance of Sisters is about a young aspiring ballerina who has to find her way in order to cope with her sister's wild streak, her ballet instructor's constant remarks that she's not good enough, and the teenage feeling of abandonment.

Tracey Porter's novel really portrays what a teenage girl with a desire to conquer something will do. I liked it for its realism and how the author was very upfront about harsh topics like anorexia.

I highly recommend this book to anyone with an interest in dance or who enjoys stories with lots of different side plots.

Tabitha, 14


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