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by Louis L'Amour
10/11/2017 Categories: action historical wild west

Image result for Louis L'Amour FlintJim Flint is a man known by many names: James T. Kettleman, Jim Flint, and the legendary kid at The Crossings, known for being so fast with his gun he killed five men in as many seconds. But now it seems his life has come to a tragic end--he has cancer. Flint is a powerful, cunning, and cold man, a man who has never known a family and has never needed one. But his life has seemingly come to an end, and Flint has chosen to go down fighting. When he unexpectedly starts to fall in love with a beautiful and strong woman, he finds himself fighting for her, risking his life in gun battles, escaping trained assassins, and neatly outwitting his wife and her father, who tried to kill him. But Flint won't live long enough to save them anyway . . . or will he?

This was a fantastic book because Flint is basically a nameless man, and a lonesome one. It's interesting to read about how he views the world from the viewpoint of someone dying. He is a very admirable character for his now-disregard for life, and his determination to go down fighting no matter what the cost. Flint also has many enemies, and it's impressive on how he deals with them.

I would recommend this book to all Western fans who like a good showdown gun battle with a strong and brave main character up against impossible odds. This is a good book to read even if you don't like reading Western novels (like me), and it's good for people who like books about a main character who fights until the end, not just for himself, but for others. And in doing so, finds that he is actually a better man than he ever thought himself to be.

Keila, 14


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The Lonesome Gods 

by Louis L'Amour
10/11/2017 Categories: action historical survival stories wild west

Image result for The Lonesome GodsThe Lonesome Gods is about a man named Johannes Verne. His mother and father were on the run from his mother's father, Don Isidro, who wanted to kill them both for disgracing the family name. But they escape and have Johannes, but when his parents die, Johannes is left in the desert to die alone by his grandfather. Johannes is forced to grow up mostly alone, but always he prepares himself for that day when he meets the men who had killed his father and who wanted to kill him, because on the day Johannes was left in the desert, he never forgave . . . and he never forgot.

The Lonesome Gods was an excellent book because it's a very inspiring growing-up story. Johannes is a inspiring and relatable character, and very admirable because of his quiet strength, wits, courage, and talent with the gun. Louis L'Amour also writes the story in such a way you can't help but think, 'Dang. That guy's awesome.'

I would definitely recommend this book to others because it's suspenseful, daring, adventurous, and has romance, but it's really subtle. For those who enjoy reading tales of the Old West and gun battles, and who don't really want to focus on the romance, than this is the book for you. Johannes is also a very great, complete character, and anyone who gets to know him can't help but be in awe.

Keila, 14


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Daughter of Fortune 

by Isabel Allende
07/19/2017 Categories: historical wild west

This novel describes the journey of the Chilean-born Eliza Sommers, to California during the gold rush in search of her lover. With the help of her friend, Tao Chi'en, a Chinese doctor, Eliza establishes herself in California and begins to look for her former flame. Her adventure, however, brings her a newfound sense of freedom and her search for her lover evolves into a different kind of journey.

I really liked Daughter of Fortune because it is very descriptive and gives a lot of insight to what life what really like during the California Gold Rush. It also describes the story of Eliza's self-discovery, which I thoroughly enjoyed. This novel, overall, was a very good book due to its thorough description of the characters and the message that it teaches the readers.

I would highly recommend this book to others because of its passionate, yet adventurous plotline and the important lesson that it preaches. This books is perfect for those that enjoy historical fiction.

Bethany, 15


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True Grit 

by Charles Portis
12/06/2011 Categories: action family drama wild west

Image result for true grit by charles portisMattie Ross is a plucky 14 year old girl who goes out in search of Tom Chaney, the murderer of her father. She ventures out to the wild Choctow Nation with the help of two rangers to avenge her father's death.

True Grit is the story of a young girl's persistence, strength, and love for her father. This book was great because Mattie never lets her age stop her from avenging her father. The book was definitely enjoyable, but it can drag on towards the middle and be a bit difficult for younger readers to understand. 

I would recommend this book to older readers ages 13 and up. It's a great read for people who enjoy reading about adventure, the Wild West, and a spunky main character. 

Gillyn, 15


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