The Mysterious Benedict Society 

by Trenton Lee Stewart
10/12/2015 Categories: adventure mystery sci fi

This book was about a man named Leopathdra Curtain who invents a machine called the Whisperer. Mr. Benedict, his brother who invented the Reciever, puts together a team of children to go to his school, the Institute, and stop him. The kids names are Constance, Kate, Reynie, and Sticky (George).

It was good because of how it projected the future. I liked it because it was like a science fiction book and mystery in one. It had a few futuristic machines like the Whisperer which can project thoughts into people's minds and make them think certain phrases.

I would recommend this book because it has cliffhangers between chapters, it leaves off at a exciting part. People who like mysteries should enjoy this book. It has parts that science fiction lovers would like. One example is that a machine can do a brain sweep and erase all memories. That type of machine hasn't been invented yet!

Stone, 13


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Sir Thursday 

by Garth Nix
10/05/2015 Categories: fantasy magic

Image result for sir tuesday garth nixSir Thursday is about a boy, Arthur Penhaligon, who is on a quest to save the world as he knows it. He has to venture into a different dimension (known as the "House") in order to protect his family and the earth, with the help of his new found friends, and find Keys that are the "key" to saving the universe. He has since been drafted into an otherworldly army, and must learn how to survive on his own.

Sir Thurday was an interesting book to read, because it was full of suspense, and kept you guessing throughout the story. I liked how the chapters were all told in third person, but from different vantage points throughout. The main character was also easy to sympathize with, as he started out as a normal person, like ourselves, but changes as the story continues.

I would recommend this book to people who like to read stories with a bit of mystery to them, and when everything isn't revealed to you right away. The books would also be good for anyone who likes suspenseful plots, and an action filled story line. The change in perspectives could be confusing to some people, so if you don't like the shifts, it might not be a good book for you.

Natalie, 14


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The Wonder of All Things 

by Jason Mott

The people of Stone Temple, North Carolina have only a matter of seconds to cope with a tragic plane crash before they are faced with an even more earth-shattering realization; Ava, the sheriff's daughter, has healed someone with nothing more than the touch of her hands. This book centers around the life of thirteen year-old Ava and those of the people close to her in Stone Temple as they deal with not only the tragedy of the crash, but the international spotlight brought on by the girl deemed a Miracle Child. Jason Mott's The Wonder of All Things is a book that deals with more than just the miracles that surround us.

This book includes a discussion on a wide variety of topics that most books fall short on even covering. Similar to all of those dystopian YA novels publishers are intent on mass producing, this book features a young, average girl that no one seems to think much of; until of course everyone makes her out to be a miracle-maker. Mott, however, does not make out his young protagonist to be the only readable character in this tale; her friends and family face many struggles that are deeply rooted in the past and surface in light of the more recent dilemma. Through all of this, we see a picture of people who face the same trials we all do; whether it's the lack of autonomy in youth, grief, or mental illness, this novel displays them in a way that many can relate to.

The Wonder of All Things is a book that begs to be read in one sitting; the story is intriguing, the relationships are realistic (even if the characters occasionally lack depth), and the message has an impact. For those who are interested in books that subtly question that meaning of humanity, this book is for you. 

Melina, 16


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The Pluto Project 

by Melissa Glenn Haber
10/05/2015 Categories: action bullying friendship spies

As his home life spirals downward and hope for a romance sputters out, thirteen-year-old Alan Green tries to convince his friends that their spying game has uncovered a real conspiracy to assassinate the governor.

I thought this book was quite interesting. I like how the code words in the game change into very serious interpretations leading into a possible conclusion.

I would recommend this book to those who love spy type books as well as interpersonal relations. This book is simply well-written. 

Melissa, 13


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by Brendan Halpin
10/05/2015 Categories: friendship realistic fiction soccer

Image result for shutout by brendan halpinFourteen-year-old Amanda and her best friend Lena start high school looking forward to playing on the varsity soccer team, but when Lena makes varsity and Amanda only makes junior varsity, their long friendship rapidly changes.

I really liked this because it showed how friendships could change after decisions are made. I liked it because it was a real-life example.

I recommend this book to all because its a friendship crisis. For those interested in soccer stories this book is definitely for you 

Melissa, 13


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Pretty Crooked 

by Elisa Ludwig
10/05/2015 Categories: romance social classes suspense

Willa, a 15 year old teenager, moves to Arizona and starts going to a private school thanks to the paintings her mother has been selling. Fortunately, Willa befriends Cherise, a girl who belongs to a popular group. Willa then decides to start stealing money from rich kids and starts giving it to three other girls who are bullied based on the way they dress.

I personally liked this book because there is suspense, and a bit of action. I also liked it because there were a lot of cliff hangers and it made me want to read the next book in the series right away.

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes a book full of suspense, friendship, romance, and action. 

Diana, 14


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Go Ask Alice 

by Anonymous
10/05/2015 Categories: classic drugs realistic fiction

This story is about a teenage girl who gets served a drink laced with LSD at a party. Since then, she gets addicted and she can't stop. This novel is about the hardships she goes through in being addicted to drugs.

I liked this story because it was sort of a graphic novel. It successfully showed the side effects of drugs and what the teenage girl had to overcome when taking drugs.

I would definitely recommend every teenager to read this novel. This story seems very anti-drug abuse and it shows teenagers what the affects of drugs are. Aside from teaching teenagers a lesson, it is also a great read.

Analyss, 17


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Eleanor & Park 

by Rainbow Rowell

Eleanor & Park is a story about two 16-year-old misfits who find themselves sitting by each other on the bus everyday and sharing things they enjoy with each other. The novel tells the tale of a first love and the heartbreak and happiness that comes with it.

I enjoyed this story very much because it can relate to teens in a variety of ways. It talks about first love which I, as well as many other people, are going through.

I would highly recommend this book to teens! It relates to everyone and it has an great plot that I think many people would enjoy. Most teens can relate to the characters in the story in how they act, what they do, and their rebellious side.

Analyss, 17


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Breakaway: beyond the goal 

by Alex Morgan
09/29/2015 Categories: biography inspirational soccer true stories

The Olympic gold medal-winning soccer player details her path to success, from her childhood in California to her time on the United States' National team.

This book kept me up all day and night. Alex Morgan's story made me believe that I could accomplish anything. Anyone reading this book would feel as if their dreams could come true.

This book is perfect for soccer fans and people who love stories about overcoming obstacles put in your path in order to reach your goal. 

Melissa, 13


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by Suzanne Collins
09/29/2015 Categories: action dating drama dystopia romance suspense

Against all odds, Katniss Everdeen has survived the Hunger Games twice. But now that she's made it out of the bloody arena alive, she's still not safe. A revolution is unfolding, and it is up to Katniss to accept responsibility for countless lives and to change the course of the future of Panem.

I absolutely loved the book. It was simply amazing. I really liked this book because of the love story and the fight scenes it had.

Yes, I would recommend this book to others of an older age of about 12 because of some the the intense fight scenes and the sort of love triangle that goes on. But over all I really like this book.

Melissa, 13


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Catching Fire 

by Suzanne Collins
09/29/2015 Categories: action dating drama dystopia suspense

The 75th Annual Hunger Games. The tributes were chosen from the existing pool of victors from each district. District 12 only has three victors indicating that Katniss Everdeen will have to go into the arena once again along with Peeta Mellark who volunteered for Haymitch. They will have to fight for their lives again.

I really enjoyed the book Catching Fire because it was so well written, it could easily be imagined. The book was so intriguing, it had sudden changes in the events and unpredictable outcomes. With the character Katniss there was a great example of what true will power, determination, power, and bravery.

I would recommend this book to all. It has a bit of everything in it. I'd advise those who love books that make you imagine the scenarios and love action packed books Catching Fire is definitely the book for you.

Melissa, 13


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Chasing Normal 

by Lisa Papademetriou
09/29/2015 Categories: family drama funny realistic fiction

When Mieka Baker's grandma has a heart attack, her summer plans (if she had any) were turned upside down. She has to stay with her normal cousin in her normal house, go shopping for normal clothes, and attend a normal religious summer camp. What follows is anything but normal.

I really enjoyed Chasing Normal. It addresses a growing girl's concerns about periods, religion, body image, and (of course) boys, all the while inserting humor.

I recommend this book to any girl who feels like the odd one out. The main message is to embrace your inner different. Any mature girl between 11-14 will love this book.

Payton, 12


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Lord of the Flies 

by William Golding
09/29/2015 Categories: classic survival stories

Lord of the Flies is the story of a group of boys who crash on an island with no adults. They have to fend for themselves in order to stay alive. The leader, Ralph, tries to keep everything under control, with his friend, Piggy. Will everything go according to plan? Will they make it or break it?

I believed Lord of the Flies was very well-written. It showed you how a human being would act if placed in the same situation. The book expresses the dramatization of the civil and barbaric side of the human being.

I would highly recommend this book to others because it makes you wonder how a group of humans would act in the same situation the other boys were in. Would we act the same? Or differently? I would recommend this book to readers ages thirteen and up due to the violence and language.

Sara, 14


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by Madeleine Roux

Sequel to bestselling photo-illustrated novel Asylum, author Madeline Roux creates a continuation of the original photo-illustrated novel. The book continues where the last book left off as three friends who had met at the Brookline asylum try to move past their trauma, but are still haunted by the past. Dan, Abby, and Jordan must now return to Camford, where Dan realizes darker secrets than he'd imagined.

Sanctum keeps the thrilling writing style of Asylum that makes the novel hard to put down. Readers frequently realize new secrets the characters discover making it difficult to want to stop reading. The story also has just the right suspenseful tone so it can be creepy even when reading in light of daytime.

I would recommend this book, particularly to people who enjoy mystery, horror, suspense, and psychological. It may be too dark for some and should not be read by the easily frightened, but it does also have its more lighthearted moments such as those revolving around the friendships of the main characters. This book is for people looking for a thrilling, suspenseful read.

Hayley, 17


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The House of Power 

by Patrick Carman

Atherton, an artificial world, is a three layer world that includes The Highlands, The Tabletop, and The Flatlands. The Highlands sank into The Tabletop and war erupted and now The Tabletop is sinking into The Flatlands. In The Flatlands, there are creatures called Cleaners that will eat every thing in their paths. The Highlands and The Tabletop must unite to defeat them.

I enjoyed reading The House of Power. It was good because it described what it might be like to live in any of the three levels on Atherton. It taught what might happen if the industrial race continues and we don't give Earth's resources time to replenish before we use them again and that we will eventually run out of resources on Earth. We might have to rely on machines to keep us alive and not be able to go outside because of the bad air quality and pollution.

This book takes place around 2105 and Atherton has been completed. It tells of a futuristic time where the Earth has become overly polluted and the sky is black which is why it is named The Dark Planet. I would recommend it to science fiction lovers. It it a great start to the Atherton series. It is one of the best books of science fiction I have ever read. 

Stone, 11


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