Escondido Public Library Presents Escondido’s Surprising Connection to Balboa Park’s 1915 Panama-California Exposition

Escondido, CA – Escondido Public Library will host Escondido’s Surprising Connection to Balboa Park’s 1915 Panama-California Exposition, presented by Dr. Michael Kelly on Tuesday, October 21, 2014, at 6:00 p.m. in the Turrentine Room.

Dr. Kelly will share his expertise on San Diego’s first major international fair which celebrated the building of the Panama Canal and recognized San Diego as a major port of call. He is widely recognized as President of the Committee of One Hundred, dedicated to preserving Balboa Park’s historic architecture, gardens and public spaces, and is editor of Balboa Park and the 1915 Exposition. Dr. Kelly will also reveal the surprisingly significant and historic role the City of Escondido played in the planning of the 1915 Exposition. Escondido city officials were instrumental in the Expo’s local success by encouraging County road development in preparation for the Exposition. City officials also collaborated with the Chamber of Commerce, Exposition organizers, and the Grape Day Association by featuring an “Escondido Day” at the 1915 Expo to help promote Escondido’s own Grape Day Festival.

The 1915 Panama-California Exposition was pivotal and historic for the greater San Diego area as the scenic parkland mesa location became “Balboa Park” and central buildings and gardens were created. Balboa Park quickly became the center of history, architecture, gardens, arts and culture for the City of San Diego. Escondido’s role in encouraging a north-south connection proved to be timely and forward thinking.

This program is sponsored by Escondido Public Library’s Pioneer Room Friends, a support group dedicated to preserving and promoting Escondido Public Library’s local history and genealogy archive. Escondido’s Surprising Connection to Balboa Park’s 1915 Panama-California Exposition is the program highlight of the group’s annual meeting and will appeal to all local history enthusiasts.

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