A Court of Thorns and Roses

by Sara J. Maas

This book was kind of like Wintersong by S. Jae-Jones, except the fact that the main character is a huntress, and not a normal-poor girl(Feyre is poor, but, you get the point). This book is about Feyre who is a huntress, and she kills a wolf(which turns out to be a faerie) and her fate is to live the rest of her days in Fae. During her stay, her icy attitude towards the High Lord quickly diminishes into flames of passion. War is raging in Fae, and the High Lord wishes to protect Feyre as much as he can before she finds out the truth. The Night Court of Fae overtook Tamlin's Court, imprisoning him Under the Mountain. Feyre heard of Tamlin's imprisonment, and quickly came for his aid. The High Lady of the Night Court put Feyre under three tasks and a riddle in order to win Tamlin back. Feyre had to show the High Lady that her love was strong enough to win Tamlin who was in payment in due of a curse(Talk about #GirlPower). 

I think this book was really good. I could tell that Sarah J. Maas wrote it, and she does a good job of writing the main character as a girl. A pretty great one at that. The only things that alerts me is some of the scenes in the book has a bit 'this-is-for-older-kids' content, and some cursing. Other than those two things, the story itself is amazing.

Like I said earlier, I think that this book was written for young adults, and not for kids(even I am not one). Teens who enjoy awesome stories about unconditional love, and supreme action, would definitely adore this story like I do.

Priscilla, 13


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