A Place to Stand

by Jimmy Santiago Baca

This book is a memoir about a Chicano boy who is abandoned by his alcoholic father and his mother. In his book, he talks about the crime, violence and drugs he was exposed to. He talks about how his decisions led him to end up prison and he explains what he experienced there.

I really liked this book because it really made me think about how many people end up in jail or dead because of their bad decisions. I thought about how the author did all those things because he didn't have a nice childhood. He was abandoned and that led to everything that happened to him. The book is tragic and really touches you if you read it. I felt that I can better understood how many people end up in violence when they are not raised with love and compassion.

I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn more about how our childhood experiences lead to how our future will be like. If you like to read memoirs, I recommend this book. It's emotional and doesn't hold back from harsher realities.

Sandra, 16


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