A Separate Peace

by John Knowles

A Separate Peace is a novel that takes place during WWII, and talks about two best friends. Finny and Gene seem to be unlikely friends, because Finny is really into sports and having fun, while Gene focuses on his studies and being number one in his class. Gene becomes extremely jealous of Finny' s popularity, and becomes paranoid that Finny doesn't want Gene to be number one in the class. Gene's jealousy controls him and gets the better of him and starts the main conflict in this novel.

This book teaches the life lessons of friendship and loyalty. A true friend should not feel jealous and want to bring down a friend, but should be happy and support his or her friend. A true friend will acknowledge and accept their wrong doings toward their friend, and finally his or her friend will accept the apology. Another life lesson I learned was that you should always think before acting because you might regret it until your death.

This book is more than two covers filled with printed pages. The words and story itself come to life with each turned page. The characters become a friend you yourself will not want to say good bye to. The whole book was amazing, because the book starts out as a comedy but becomes and ends as a tragedy. If you are a strong reader and can withstand a sad ending like this one, I strongly recommend this book. A Separate Peace is more than a book , it's a soul that keeps living.

Lauren, 16


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