Along Came a Spider

by James Patterson

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After the kidnapping of a young girl, detective Alex Cross undertakes the task of finding her. During his investigation, he comes across the murders of a family as well as a school-teacher. Ultimately, he connects all of these crimes to one psychopath who he must catch before time runs out.

I'm a sucker for mystery books and it had such a thrilling plot. I tried to work out the mystery while reading just like Detective Cross. The book made me very suspicious of pretty much everyone in the book except for the narrator because it's in his perspective, but Patterson placed a few plot twists that was surprising. However, those plot twists were what got me hooked to the book.

This book is a mystery novel, so naturally, I would recommend it people who like reading mystery. However, I don't think it should be just limited to mystery enthusiasts. Even though in the beginning, Patterson doesn't give away the criminal, the last half of the book is focused on catching the killer and finding his motive.

Heejeong, 18


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