America's First Daughter

by Stephanie Dray and Laura Kamoie

America's First Daughter is about the life of Thomas Jefferson's daughter, Martha (Patsy) Jefferson Randolph, and her influential role in her father's political views, presidency, and private life. The book begins when Martha was a child, and ends with her as an elderly woman. The storyline navigates Martha's travels, love interests, marriage, children, and her close relationship with her father.

This novel was very well-written and thoroughly researched. The authors did an amazing job of recounting the story of an influential, yet not well-known historical figure. I like the story a lot because I can relate to Martha during her teenage years.

I would recommend the book to others because it is very interesting and informative. It was very raw and realistic, which I think other people will appreciate. If you like history, this book would be great for you!

Bethany, 15


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