by Anne Frank

The Diary of a Young Girl is set in the 1940's during the Holocaust. The story is a translated version of the real-life diary of Anne Frank, a young Jewish girl who hid with her family from Nazis occupation.

This book gives a real life look into the lives and minds of Anne Frank and her family, who had all been living in hiding for two long years. This book was simply mind-blowing; it's nearly impossible to believe that Anne, a normal teenager who struggled with little problems like the rest of us, was able to stay so strong till the very end. It is an inspirational book because it shows Anne's constant perky spirit, but it is also a very serious memoir of one of the millions of victims of concentration camps during the Holocaust. 

I would recommend this book to people ages 13 and up because it is a deeper read touching on the delicate topic of the persecution of the Jewish people during WWII. If you enjoy real stories about the persistence of the human spirit, you will love this book.

Gillyn, 15


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