by Ilsa Bick

Ashes coverAnything can happen in today's world, even a nuclear attack. In Ashes, Alex, a young teen who has a monster inside of her, a brain tumor, decides to go hiking in the woods so that she can finally say good-bye to her deceased parents. In the middle of her camping trip, she meets Ellie, a little stubborn eight-year old brat, and her Grandfather. Suddenly, something happens. Grandpa falls over in pain and before Alex could do anything, she finds herself enveloped in pain as well. When she finally awakens, she finds Grandpa dead and for once she can smell. Alex takes Ellie and tries to make her way to the ranger station because right now she knows that they need help. Along the way, Alex and Ellie come across kids like them only there's one difference: they've become savage cannibals. Alex and Ellie are rescued on their way to the station by Tom, a soldier, and the trio join together to find out what has happened to their world and if there is any safe place, any order within this chaos.

Ashes is an amazing book that leaves you wondering and questioning. You are constantly in the dark and piece things together just as Alex begins to understand them. The story is compelling and will hold your attention from beginning to end. Like few other similar books, Ashes explores the dark side of human nature and shows how in chaotic situations we too can become savages, we too are forced to do things we would never have dreamed of doing.

I would recommend this book to all others who enjoy a compelling story and don't mind being left in the dark and not one step ahead of the characters. If you liked books such as The Maze Runner and Lord of the Flies, books about survival, books with what-ifs and how-comes, then Ashes is the book for you.

Jana, 16


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