Attack on Titan

by Hajime Isayama

Attack on TitanSet in a dystopian world thousands of years into the future, humans have been forced to hide within the walls of their cities to avoid being eaten by the gigantic, grotesque Titans. After a century of peace, humans are just beginning to get settled in their daily routines, until the fateful day when the Titans break a hole in the outermost wall. With thousands dead and their homes wrecked, the villagers are forced to escape within the second wall for safety; but one boy, Eren Yaeger, is determined to get his revenge.

Attack on Titan is one of the only manga series that I read nowadays, for the specific reason that it's thrilling and chock-full of both action and emotion. Isayama is famous for writing in symbols and metaphors, and he delivers each twist and turn
with remarkable skill. I could analyze the series for hours.

Anyone who isn't afraid of gruesome pictures or horror, and appreciates a fantastically complex plot, would fall head over heels for this series. The story is marvelously written and I recommend it highly to teens in high school and above.

Erica, 17


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