by Sarah Ockler

BittersweetHudson lives in a small town in New York, waitressing at her mom's cafe. Before, she was an up-and-coming ice skater, but now she's known as the Cupcake Queen of her small town. One day, she literally runs into a cute guy from the hockey team, who asks her for ice skating lessons. Can she whip the bad boy hockey team in shape as well as revive her long dead dream of figure skating?

There's a bit too much going in this book. First, Hudson's an ex figure skater,
as well as being a Cake Boss-worthy baker. Then, apparently, she's still reeling from her parents' divorce as well as split from her ex-best friend. Then, she's also caught in between two different guys from the hockey team. So much little stuff is happening, that Hudson seems a bit too fictional. Also, the romance is okay, but slightly forgettable.

I recommend this to girls who are looking for clichéd, light romance novels. Be
warned, however, this book contains cupcake descriptions that will create
saliva waterfalls in your mouth.

Kristine, 15


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