by Ellen Hopkins

With six sisters, an absent mother, abusive father, and a church who thinks she's a sinner what else can Pattyn do, but act like a perfect Mormon girl. When she just can't take it anymore, she acts out and gets sent to live with her Aunt Jeanette in Nevada. While there she learns how to be herself and how to live her life the way she wants with the guy she didn't know she wanted.

Burned is an amazing book because of the brilliant writing techniques, but also because it makes you think about how you never know what some bodies life is like until you step into their shoes. The main character's perspective on life was a new refreshing one that added a layer of depth to the storyline. Overall this book was amazing.

This book is for those who enjoy stepping out of their shoes into someone else's. Anyone can enjoy this book because the author sets a realistic, beautiful story line and main character.

Mackenzie, 15


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