Catching Fire

by Suzanne Collins

Catching FireKatniss is rebelling against the Capitol, while deciding who she loves most, Gale or Peeta. The Capitol does not like Katniss ever since she thought about the berries that would kill her and Peeta. Now Katniss has to find ways to get President Snow to leave her alone without getting her family and loved ones killed.

I LOVED THIS BOOK! Catching Fire is a "hang on the edge of your seat" type of book. Katniss will keep you guessing what she will do next. On top of that there is the forever looming Capital that wants her dead. Katniss is great character, she is brave and loyal to her loved ones.

This book would be great for girls who like strong feminine characters that know how to kick butt. Catching Fire is also an action thriller and will keep you guessing.

Jacki, 16


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