City of Glass

by Cassandra Clare

City of GlassCity of Glass is the third installment of Clare's The Mortal Instruments series, and follows Clary the heroin of the story as she travels to the City of Glass, the home of the Shawdowhunters, in order to find an antidote that will bring her mother back. Things become complicated as Valentine takes his plan into action, and invades the glass city with his demon army. Now the Downworlders and the Shadowhunters have to unite in order to survive, but will they be able to put their differences aside and fight among each other?

I really liked this book, I have been fascinated by this whole series and this installment did not disappoint. Clare's characters continue develop, especially Jace who continues to struggle with himself but at the end of the book is able to find some peace within himself. Like the previous books, Clare is able to capture both romance and action in a way that is captivating and keeps the reader at the edge of their set.

Overall the book is every well written and is full of the awesome characters and plot twists that readers have begun to expect from Clare. Like the previous two books, I would really recommend this book to people who are into the supernatural, action books that are still able to include some romance. I would also recommend this book to those that are thinking about watching the new movie for the City of Bones the first book in this series, because like they say " The book is always better than the movie."

Daisy, 17


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