by Sara Shepard

Cross my heartThe book continues to follow Emma Paxton as she tries to find her twin's murderer. But things seem to become more complicated as the twin's birth mother shows up in Tucson, and  recognizes Emma as her self, and not Sutton who she is still pretending to be. Throughout the book Emma tries to clear her mother's name because she appears to be a top suspect of Sutton's murder.

Yes, I really enjoyed reading this book, it was full of mystery and dangerous situations. The same old lovable characters continue to appear, and they are faced with even more dangerous situations than in the previous books. Overall the mysterious element of the book continues and you are always kept at the edge of your seat.

Yes, I would very much recommend this book to others, because it is a thrilling mystery novel that keeps the reader thinking. I would especially recommend it to those who are fans of Sara Shepard's previous novels, and to those who enjoy reading mystery novels. 

Daisy, 17


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