by Ally Condie

CrossedCondie's Crossed continues to follow Cassia Reyes as she risks everything in order to find Ky the boy she loves, and who the Society wants to keep her away from. In this second book of the Matched Trilogy, Cassia embarks on a journey to find Ky, but along the way she finds out secrets that might change the purpose of her trip. Will she run away with Ky, or will she join the rising in order to destroy the society that has taken away her freedom, and her ability to choose who she loves.

I really liked this book, specially the characters who were all brave and willing to risk everything for their loved ones. Another reason why I loved this book was because we not only got the chance to be in Cassia's mind and feel her emotions but we also got to explore the deeps of Ky's mind as he too looks for the one he loves.

I really enjoyed the new characters that Condie introduces in this book, and I loved the story line from start to finish. I would recommend this book to everyone, it perfectly combines action and romance, so as a reader you are always interested in what's going to happen next. This book would be a good read for those who enjoyed reading The Hunger Games, or other dystopian novels.

Daisy, 17


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