Daughter of Fortune

by Isabel Allende

This novel describes the journey of the Chilean-born Eliza Sommers, to California during the gold rush in search of her lover. With the help of her friend, Tao Chi'en, a Chinese doctor, Eliza establishes herself in California and begins to look for her former flame. Her adventure, however, brings her a newfound sense of freedom and her search for her lover evolves into a different kind of journey.

I really liked Daughter of Fortune because it is very descriptive and gives a lot of insight to what life what really like during the California Gold Rush. It also describes the story of Eliza's self-discovery, which I thoroughly enjoyed. This novel, overall, was a very good book due to its thorough description of the characters and the message that it teaches the readers.

I would highly recommend this book to others because of its passionate, yet adventurous plotline and the important lesson that it preaches. This books is perfect for those that enjoy historical fiction.

Bethany, 15


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