by Waris Dirie

Desert Flower coverDesert Flower was written by a well-known model Waris Dirie. The most amazing factor of this book is that this is a true story and is still as or more interesting than fiction. The reader explores the life of a circumcised woman in Somalia and all of her obstacles.

I love this book based on the fact that Waris Dirie's life as a child must have been difficult, and you explore a different country with different cultures. The type of society we pretend doesn't exist is still alive and well in other countries. This book is an eye- opener to our lack of knowledge beyond our country.

I would certainly recommend this book to older teens due to the inappropriate and intense scenes. This book truly captivates the reader and reinforces the lesson that not all of our lives will be easy and there will be challenges we must overcome. The title is a symbol, because a beautiful flower or woman like Waris can grow from anywhere, even in the desert, and still prosper.

Lauren, 16


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