Devil in the White City

by Erik Larson

Devil in the White CityIn 1893, the World's Fair was to be the biggest event of the century, and it was. Numerous exhibitions from across the country and even the world traveled to Chicago to be displayed next to newfangled creations like the Ferris Wheel and the jawdropping shows of Buffalo Bill. Little did anyone know that danger was lurking in the shadows in the form of serial killer Dr. H. H. Holmes: the devil in the White City.

I LOVED this book. As an avid reader of murder mysteries, the story of Dr. Holmes was at once intriguing and frightening. Coupled with the story of the World's Fair, I found this book to be a wonderful dose of both true history and an enthralling plot. Even if you don't like history, you'll still enjoy this book because the story is not overwhelmingly filled with data yet is still realistic. The actual events of both the Columbian Expo and Holmes's killing sprees are portrayed in a wonderful narrative format that is a delight to read. However, due to the rather gory aspects of this novel, I'd recommend this book only to strong readers with equally strong stomachs.

Erica, 17


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