by Anne Frank

Anne Frank is a thirteen year old Jewish girl who hides in an attic called "the Secret Annexe" for two years with multiple other families. She writes about all of her experiences in a journal, which is this book. Anne details her relationships, conflicts, and thoughts about her, the people she's with, and the troubles of 1942.

This book is an amazing look into life during the Holocaust. Anne has a very wide vocabulary for her age, and has very deep opinions about the world around her. Her interesting personality makes it very entertaining to read, and it is very easy to relate to her (more so if the reader is female).

If you'd like a book detailing what life was like during the Holocaust, The Diary of a Young Girl is definitely a story you should consider reading. I recommend it. It's simple to read, but lasts long enough to produce an evident impact.

Jakob, 15


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