Finding aids are guides that let users navigate collections by describing how archival collections have been arranged, what kinds of materials they contain, and the even history of the collection/creator. The Online Archive of California aggregates the finding aids from archives, libraries, museums, historical societies, and other cultural institutions across California to make resources and collections easy to find.

Explore the Pioneer Room’s finding aids on the Online Archive of California (constantly updated).

The Pioneer Room has also made available a few of its historical photograph collections. For any questions about these collections, please contact the Pioneer Room.


Grange Float

Ryan Collection

Selected photographs from the collection given to the library by local historian and benefactor Frances Beven Ryan. Includes Escondido and San Diego County locations.


Boll Weevil

Rutledge Collection

Photographs of Escondido and San Marcos area homes and businesses taken by Lowell William "Bill" Rutledge, a local photographer, for real estate listings.

Chamber of Commerce

Eloise Perkins Collection

Perkins was a staff writer for the Times-Advocate (1948 -1981). Photos in this collection reflect her research into places, people, and events in Escondido and surrounding areas. (Online Archive of California)

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