Home Borrower Program

Individuals who are either permanently confined to their homes, convalescent or in resident care facilities in Escondido, or temporarily confined to their home following an accident or injury may have library books delivered to them by a volunteer.

You will need a valid Escondido Public Library card to enroll.

Please contact Volunteer Services at 760-839-4601.


Talking Book and Braille Services

California’s Library Services for People with Print Disabilities, in association with the Library of Congress, provides free Braille and audio books, magazines and playback equipment to all eligible Californians unable to read standard print. Follow the link to find your local braille and talking book library and sign up for free library service.


Assistive Technologies

The library has a computer for the visually impaired equipped with a large screen with magnification capabilities and a special text magnification mouse.

Customer Service Desk

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Call: 760-839-4684

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