East of Eden

by John Steinbeck

East of EdenEast of Eden tells the story of the Trasks and the Hamiltons - two families who come together in the rich Salinas Valley in California. Steinbeck's novel follows three generations of these families as they relive the biblical story of Cain who strives for his father's love, and of Abel who receives all of Adam's love and pride.

The novel had a very interesting story line that was often full of plot twists and surprises. Some of the characters were really endearing, and others like Cain and Abel, proved to be dynamic characters as the story progressed. The novel was really dramatic and often kept the reader at the edge of his seat.

I would very much recommend this book to others, due to the fact that it contains a great story line and dynamic characters. I would especially recommend this novel to readers who enjoy classics and who are not afraid of reading a long book.

Daisy, 17


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